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The information contained on this site is an unofficial reference for convention goers to plan ahead and make budgets for their convention visits. It is based solely on my personal convention experiences, and represents my conversations with the individual artists, their displayed signs at the time and what I actually paid to have my comics signed. I do not guarantee that the artist's prices or policies will be the same from one convention to the next, and each is free to change their policies at will. This site is not affiliated with any comic convention, publisher or artist.

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Signed Covers of the Month


June 2018



















Signed by Tom King

July 2018



















Signed by Ron Wilson

August 2018



















Signed by Jim Shooter

September 2018



















Signed by Joe Eisma and John Romita Jr

October 2018



















Signed by Whilce Portacio and Scott Lobdell

November 2018



















Signed by Kyle Hotz

January 2019



















Signed by Jim Steranko

Winner: John's Comics with Kids

January 2019



















Signed by Carl Potts

Winner: Comichead84