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The information contained on this site is an unofficial reference for convention goers to plan ahead and make budgets for their convention visits. It is based solely on my personal convention experiences, and represents my conversations with the individual artists, their displayed signs at the time and what I actually paid to have my comics signed. I do not guarantee that the artist's prices or policies will be the same from one convention to the next, and each is free to change their policies at will. This site is not affiliated with any comic convention, publisher or artist.

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Summer and Fall Dallas Shows

By Scott Hansen


June 1, 2017 – The Dallas shows for the summer and fall of 2017 have been announced and the guest lists are starting to fill out. You can check the links on the left to visit the show pages and see the guest lists. So far, the line ups are looking great, and I will be excited to meet new creators and add them to the site. You can also visit the pages for those creators who are already on the site to prepare and budget.


In preparation for the shows, I have done the research and have pulled the comics in my collection that need signatures, and started searching for those that I want signed but do not have yet. I love it when show sites announce guests as far in advance as possible, as it allows me to spread out my purchases over several months, and to acquire those titles that are harder to find or are more expensive.


By referencing the talent's page, I can determine how many comics I can afford to bring for that guest. That is the point of this site, and I hope others find it just as helpful. Speaking of which, I would love to hear from other collectors who use the site, and any feedback they may have. If there is any information that they want to see, just let me know and I'll see about adding it.