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Show Day: How to Prepare

By Scott Hansen


March 2, 2017 – When I go to a show, I like to be as prepared as possible to make the event as smooth and enjoyable as it can be. Pre-show preparation is very important if you want to both enjoy the show and get your books signed. Here is what I do to prepare for any show I attend.


     The first thing I do is research which guests are going to be appearing at the event. Knowing who is coming allows you to research what books you want to get signed. I have two criteria to choose which books I want signed; number of signatures I can get on the book, and specific books I want signed because they have cool covers or are personal favorites. This also allows me to fill in any gaps in my collection while getting those books at the best price I can. The earlier the shows announce guests, the more time we all have to prepare, so I always try to keep up with talent via social media because they usually start talking about their appearance before the shows officially announce them.


     As I choose which books I want signed, I create lists that help to keep everything organized. I start by listing all the guests, and then which books they will sign. A really fantastic tool to help with this is the Comic Book Database (www.comicbookdb.com). If you aren’t familiar with this site, you are really missing out. It gives you the ability to document your collection, and search your collection for specific creators. Be aware, though, that this is a community project and I have found that sometimes there are some errors. Make sure the creators listed on the site are the same as those listed in the book. If you find an error, then you have the ability to edit the record and correct the error.


     Finally, I put my books into a comic storage box, arranged and tabbed in the same order as my list. This allows you to easily double check all your books are accounted for, as well as quickly find them on the day. Remember, you will have books that will require multiple signatures, so keeping everything organized will save you much grief.


     Next time, I will talk about the items you should bring to make your life easier at the show.